Q. What is SaveAround?  
A.  We are the leading fundraising company in North America. Our primary products are the coupon-books with the tear-out coupons. Many schools, sports teams, and community organizations fundraise with our books year after year.

Q. What am I selling?
A.  You are signing up groups for our fundraising program. They will sell our coupon books and you get a commission for each of their sales. You yourself aren’t selling anything.

Q. How much does this program cost me?
A.  Nothing. We will provide your fundraising materials. Your groups order and pay for their own books as part of their regular fundraising. There is no financial risk for you as an Independent Fundraising Consultant, just the time you put in.  

Q. Will I receive an hourly base pay? 
A.  No, you run this like your own business. You sign up groups for our fundraising program and earn a commission whenever they sell a book. In this way, you leverage their connections and let them do the selling while you strategize and focus on your target markets.

Q. Are leads provided?
A.  We are happy to share whatever leads we may have for relevant market areas. However, you will generate most of your leads yourselves. We find that our most successful consultants use their knowledge of their local area to their advantage: finding the schools, teams, and community organizations we don’t even know exist.

Q. Am I bound to my market area?
A.  No, you can sign groups in any geographic location. We only use your “home” market as a general placeholder. We do have a few small protected areas due to corporate partnerships.

Q. Is there any training?
A.  We are committed to your success and will provide you with resources, information, and updates, that you need to succeed. We’re here to answer questions as they come up and as often as you may need.

Q. What kind of materials should I expect?
A.  Once you have signed up to be an Independent Fundraising Consultant, we will provide you with sample books, flyers, informational slide deck, and fundraising documentation. Your kit will have everything you need to sign up a group.

Feel free to email sales@savearound.com for more information.