Cookie Dough & Treat Fundraising

Cookie Dough & Treat Fundraising is quickly becoming one of our most popular fundraisers. Our products range from a variety of amazing cookie dough flavors to other treats as well as holiday gifts. Work with our experienced customer service team to maximize your sale! 


Ordering Made Easy

We've taken the hassle out of collecting orders by offering both hard-copy and digital order forms. Now you can share your fundraiser through text, email and social media. This is a great and effective way to spread the word about your fundraiser to reach your fundraising goals.


Highest Profit In The Industry

Our Cookie Dough and Treat Fundraisers offer some of the highest profit margins in the industry. Not only will your customers be getting an amazing product, but your team, group or organization will be raising a lot of money in the process. It's a win-win.